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Creating content that communicates + connects through real human stories

Okay, so who am I?

Hi! My name is Anna Christine McCarty and I make videos. I have ten years of production experience in the instructional, marketing, and social media domains. Education is a major part of my DNA; not just because I produced instructional media and went on to get my Master’s in Instructional Design + Technology, but I truly believe the way we communicate with each other and transfer knowledge can get better with each story we tell. You might say I’m a crusader for creating authentic stories.

In addition to video production, I’ve learned I have a knack for words; I aim to write messages that strengthen the connection between humans and convey complicated messages in an understandable way. Lastly, I get giddy when a project is well strategized, supervised, and organized. Now that I’ve got that cheesy rhyme out of my system…

I’m just a girl, looking at creative business owners and educators, telling them that she can help them tell their story in one or more of the following ways.


From beginning to end, I can make your story reality.

Strategy & Creative Direction

I can help you plan your approach and visual style.

Editing & Animation

Give me your footage and I’ll compose something you’ll love.

Project Management

I’m only slightly (overly) obsessed with Asana and Slack


In addition to hunting for the story, I’m a process and workflow nut, too!

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