Storytelling & Creative Direction

As I was sorting through old boxes at my parent’s house one day, I came across tons of old stories I had written. Some of them from as early as the moment I was able to form letters on paper. I’ve taken that love for stories and applied it to my professional life; creating media that communicates your story to your audience.

Video & Animation

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then imagine the stories could you tell with 24 frames per second! I have a passion for beautiful imagery and design in motion, and I have ten years of professional production and motion graphic experience so your project is in good hands.


Instructional Design

Education is a major part of my DNA. When I was six, my little brother was born with Down syndrome. For us, that meant everything took him a lot longer to learn and it was a struggle to teach him with traditional methods.

I think that played a part in why I always tend to skew slightly from the norm. I was lucky enough in my formative years to attend an arts school where you learn music first, then math. I attended a University that was hyper-focused on your chosen career track with no stress of credit hours and electives.

Now, I’ve got a decade of experience working behind the scenes in education to help make it connect with people through design, video, and interactivity. I hold a Master’s in Instructional Design & Technology and work in video production at Full Sail Labs where we’re teaching kids to be creators, not just consumers.

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