The Rune Seeker


48 Hour Film Festival


I wanted a challenge and so I gathered a few friends and signed up for the 48 hour film festival. This is our entry.

A Mother’s quest to cure her son.

Our Genre: Fantasy
Character: Alice/Andrew Mann, Bartender
Prop: Flashlight
Line of Dialogue: “Cool it! I know what I’m doing”

Producer/Director/Writer/Editor: Anna Christine Miller
DP/Director/Writer/Editor: Will LeBlanc
Story by/Composer: Andrew X. Hunter
Also Written by: Kevin Becker & Josh Geoghagan

Doctor Wizard – Christopher Mack
Mom – Tara Corless
Kid – Will Duff
Nerd – Michael Besaw
Alice Mann – Cory Boughton
Voice of Troll – Will LeBlanc