Hello! I'm Anna

I began my life with a very happy childhood, followed by a rebellious youth, which rounded out in the present day to a dedicated and focused creative life! This is my (short) story.

I spend day in and day out absorbing and creating stories. Currently I’m obsessed with anything from Marvel and Pixar, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, Kingdom Hearts, and bi-weekly tabletop gaming with friends.

I appreciate good design in everything and strive to reflect this in my work. I love learning and research (My browser tabs can get out of control!). I also get really excited about new tools that make project management more intuitive. Current infatuation: Asana.

When I’m not working on your story, I’m coming up with my own! You’ll see several personal projects in my portfolio where I went nuts branding my wedding, animating baby announcements, and illustrating my family for Christmas gifts.

Anna McCarty produced our first video class for World Upside Down–an online arts school for students K-12, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with her work. Her workflow is efficient, her communication is superb, and her artistry speaks for itself. We are thrilled to have her as our U.S. producer! She’s amazing! Joanna Puello

Founder of World Upside Down

Anna is smart, well organized leader and a real pleasure to work with. If she is on a project of mine, the production will always be better than I expected. Anna is completely on top of her game in hi-quality, fun, story-telling production. Keith Lay

Composer, Producer

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